Game Strategy Writer - Girls Frontline

Qualification Requirements


  • Passionate about Girls' Frontline
  • Fluent in English
  • Writing experience (technical and or creative)


  • Content cleared up to latest Chapter in NA Server (Provide a screenshot of cleared 7-4N/9-4E)
  • Experience with CN/KR version (Provide a screenshot with the latest chapter/campaign progress)
  • Fluent/Literate in Chinese/Korean.
  • Commander Lv 115+
  • Submit screenshots and account name, especially when verifying any optional qualifications.

If there is a particular aspect of the game you specialize in that is not listed here, please list your specializations at the beginning of the Critical Thinking Answer and provide screenshots as verification.

All claims subject to verification. Any submissions falsifying data will be eliminated from our screening process.

Responsibilities and Overview

Content contributor to the Girls' Frontline GamePress subsite.

Remotely work alongside a lead and other members to craft and publish guides for the Girls' Frontline mobile game. A collection of content will be available to work on, from T-Doll analysis to event and end-game content guides.


$15/hour USD. Alternatively, you may choose for an equivalent amount of compensation to be donated to a charity of your choice. (Must be approved by GamePress Media, Inc.)


Flexible - Limited hours to part-time availability. We will work with all contributors and attempt to schedule everyone within the allotted workload and the contributors' means. Please keep in mind that part-time writers cannot work more than 30 hours per week; any excess hours accumulated will not be processed as payment at the end of the month.

Compensation is based on minutes writing content, NOT chatting in Discord, Reddit, or playing the game.

Possibility of joining GamePress full-time based on writing and site's overall performance.

Note: Girls' Frontline is copyright Mica Team and SUNBORN Network Technology Co., Ltd., 2015. All names and images owned by Mica Team and SUNBORN Network Technology Co., Ltd. are property of their respective owners. GamePress Media, Inc. has no direct affiliation with the aforementioned companies as of the time of this writing.

Critical Thinking Question

1. Which AR performs better against moderately to highly armored foes;

  • G11
  • G41
  • K2
  • F2000

2. Assuming 100% crit rate, which is more valuable?

  • 10% Firepower buff
  • 10% Crit damage buff

3. Give an overview of this T-Doll

  • MSBS - 5.56K
  • Class - AR
  • Rarity - 5 Star
  • Stats:
    • DMG - 40
    • Acc - 70
    • ROF - 82
    • Eva - 39
    • HP - 95 per link
  • Skill: Freedom and Solidarity (Initial Cooldown 6 seconds, Cooldown 16 seconds) Fires two grenades in rapid succession for 4x each in a 1 yard area, if both hit the same target, increase MSBS’s damage by 90% for 4 seconds, otherwise, increase the echelons damage by 20% for 8 seconds.

4. Build a team that can defeat this boss:

Maiden Stats:

  • 30000 HP
  • 100 DMG
  • 100 ACC
  • 70 EVA
  • 100 ROF
  • 80 AP
  • 50 Armor

The Fight:

Day Battle

Has three slow firing units much further than her, each with 5000 HP, 80 DMG, and 30 Evasion. At 80% HP, blasts the entire frontmost column that has T-Dolls with a barrage of bullets, dealing moderate damage (cannot be dodged by moving). At 40%, hits the backmost column with mortars, dealing heavy damage (can be dodged by moving). At 5% HP, decimates the entire battlefield with a thrown explosive, dealing extreme damage to anything on the field and recovering 10% of her HP, (repeatable).

When finished building your team, explain how your team can be this boss. 

5.  A Fairy has the following stat modifiers

  • DMG - 30%
  • Crit DMG - 70%
  • Crit - 30%
  • Acc - 10%
  • Armor - 30%

Which modifier would you consider most valuable and why?

6. This question pertains to your personal interest in what you would like to work on for Girls' Frontline.

Rank the following types of content based on whether you are interested in helping GamePress with these types of content, from most interested to least:

  • Guides (Such as Event Guides)
  • Writeups (Such as T-Doll Analysis)
  • Videos (Visual guides, Event Walkthroughs, Boss Walkthroughs, etc.)
  • Dataminers (Obtaining stats, information, and arts of new T-Dolls, Enemies, etc. through asset ripping.)