Game Strategy Writer - Pokemon GO

Qualification Requirements


  • Passionate about Pokemon GO and Pokemon
  • Fluent in English
  • Writing experience (technical and/or creative)


  • Active in the Pokemon GO community (Reddit, Discord, YouTube, Twitch, FB, BBS, or others)
  • Trainer Level 38+
  • Gold Medals for Battle Girl / Ace Trainer / Champion / Battle Legend

Submit screenshots and account name, especially when verifying any optional qualifications.

If there is a particular aspect of the game you specialize in that is not listed here, please list your specializations at the beginning of the Critical Thinking Answer and provide screenshots as verification.

All claims subject to verification. Any submissions falsifying data will be eliminated from our screening process.

Responsibilities and Overview

Content contributor to the Pokemon GO GamePress subsite.

Remotely work alongside a lead and other members to craft and publish content for the Pokemon GO mobile game. A collection of content will be available to work on, from Pokemon analysis to event guides and tier lists.


$15/hour USD. Alternatively, you may choose for an equivalent amount of compensation to be donated to a charity of your choice. (Must be approved by GamePress Media, Inc.)


Flexible - Limited hours to part-time availability. We will work with all contributors and attempt to schedule everyone within the allotted workload and the contributors' means.

Part-time writers cannot work more than 30 hours per week. Any excess hours accumulated will not be processed as payment at the end of the month. Payment is based on minutes writing content, NOT chatting in Discord, Reddit, or playing the game.

A possibility of joining GamePress full-time based on writing and the site's overall performance.

Critical Thinking Question

1. Agumon has just been added to Pokemon GO! It has 173 ATK, 240 DEF, and 135 HP, and is a Fire / Dragon type. It's a Tier 5 raid boss and knows Fire Spin / Bite / Dragon Breath and Brick Break / Flame Wheel / Dragon Claw. How would it rank/perform compared to other Pokemon in Raid Battles? What about PvP?

2. Describe a feature you'd like to see implemented in Pokemon GO battles, and explain what effects it would have on:

a) Gym battles

b) Raid battles

c) Trainer battles