Site Lead - Pokemon Masters

Qualification Requirements


  • Passionate about Pokémon Masters and the Pokémon Universe

  • Dedication to creating the best resource for Pokémon Masters players

  • Willingness and ability to maintain and keep game information databases up to date

  • Fluent in English

  • Willingness and ability to adhere to and enforce a Writing Style Guide

  • Writing experience (technical and or creative)

    • A writing sample must be included with this application or it will not be considered (please attach this under "Qualification Requirements Attachments").

  • A resume must be included with this application as well, or it will not be considered (please also attach this under "Qualification Requirements Attachments").

  • Leadership experience – Site leads will be expected to lead a team of writers to create site content

  • Flexible Schedule:

    • Site Leads are on call when a game update is expected to drop so they can quickly update the site to reflect those changes.

  • Application Deadline: 9/13/2019 11:59 PST


  • Active in the Pokémon Masters community (Reddit, Discord, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, or others)

  • Experience in Data Entry

  • Experience with Drupal

  • Active player of Pokémon Masters (may submit screenshots of your Main Story progress and/or PML Badges screen to show your progress, please attach this under "Qualification Requirements Attachments")

  • Knowledge and experience with other Pokémon games

All claims subject to verification. Any submissions falsifying data will be eliminated from our screening process.

Responsibilities and Overview


  • Telecommuting Site Leads must go through six weeks of combined training and supervised work regarding website upkeep and management. Training will include but will not be limited to:

    • Basic Drupal Literacy

      • Content types, taxonomies

      • Basic web content literacy

      • How ad revenue works, SEO, what makes GP successful, etc.

    • Creating basic pages

      • Articles, news updates, data pages, etc

    • Creating site-specific pages

      • Trainers, Pokémon Sync Pairs, Moves, etc.

    • Writing Style - consistent with GamePress standards

    • Keeping content databases up-to-date

      • Site update routines must be defined and outlined by Site Director

    • Communicating with Site Directors

      • Must be done at least bi-weekly for the first six weeks, then at least weekly.

    • Interacting & Keeping up with Game Community

      • Reddit / Twitter / Discord Servers / Discourse (Community Forum) and Competitive Guide Sites 

    • Coming up with innovations or improvements that can create for the site

Basic Workload

  • Site Leads must compile most of their work done on a weekly basis and report to the Site Director. Workflow will include:

    • Some form of communication (Discord, Gmail, airtable) within 24 hours or some sort of accountability for the time away.

    • Game updates regularly conducted and reported on.

    • Communication with writers to keep up with the status of projects

    • New content initiatives that would be approved by Site Director

    • As all games update on their own schedules, published articles / news updates / page updates should be accounted for in a weekly report.

    • Remotely work alongside a Content Director and other contributors to craft and publish guides for the Pokémon Masters mobile game.


  • Site Leads are asked to commit at least 20 hours of time a week to their work regarding GP but no more than 30 hours. This time is not limited to GP working hours but some of the weekly hours must be spent during 10:00AM to 6:00PM CST. 

  • There is the possibility of joining GamePress full-time based on writing and the site's overall performance.


$15.00/hour USD during the initial training period, paid out monthly. Once training is complete and satisfactory, you will be promoted to Remote Site Lead position and compensated $16.50/hour USD on a monthly basis accordingly. Alternatively, you may choose for a percentage of compensation to be donated to a charity of your choice. (Must be approved by GamePress Media, Inc.)

Critical Thinking Question

Please include answers to all six questions below. Indicate the question you are answering by placing a "1)" or similar before the answer being provided.

Gameplay Questions

1) Write a beginner’s guide explaining combat in Pokémon Masters.

2) Write a brief summary outlining how one might approach building a team in Pokémon Masters.

Team Management Questions

3) Have you had the opportunity to work with a remote team?

4) What special team dynamics, activities, and actions do you believe working remotely requires?

5) How would you create team cohesiveness in a remote setting?

6) Give an example of a successful project that you were part of. What was your role and what made the project successful in your view?

7) What problems do you foresee with working with a remote team and working on time sensitive content? How would you address these problems?

Content Management Questions

8) Suggest a change you would make to the current organization of the Pokémon Masters GamePress site, whether it be organization of the site or a specific page. 

9) Describe a type of guide, content, or tool that you believe would be useful or interesting for players of Pokémon Masters to use that may not currently exist.

General Questions

10) Please indicate whether you wish to also be considered for a writer position if you were not accepted for the Site Lead position.

  • [Yes, I would like to be considered for a writer position for Pokémon Masters as well.]
  • [No, I am not interested in being considered for a writer position for Pokémon Masters.]

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